9 Supreme Strategies to Enhance Checkout Conversion Rate

There is an extension for e-commerce store which is so popular nowadays - One Page Checkout. This extension helps merchants build a one-page checkout on their website to increase checkout speed and conversion rate. You may want to view and experience how a One Page Checkout module work by searching for Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension on search engines. Almost all of Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extensions at Mageplaza have the demo version for you to try.

Then, besides using the extension, Is there any other ways that you can configure by yourself? Of course, the answer is yes. This post is about the 9 supreme strategies to effectively enhance checkout conversion rate for your website. Let’s follow to boost your sales.

Optimized Landing Page

People usually like the thing that simple but interesting. The short title will be more noticeable but it must contain the information that shoppers are paying attention to. To build the landing pages that attractive to visitors, the pages had better have the minimal links with the high comparative contents which also can lure shoppers consideration.

Sign up Later

Here is the tip that every online store owner should remember - Don’t force your shoppers login! How disturbing it is when a visitor comes to your site and a pop-up notification say that they have to sign up to do this or do that. Forget it. Letting your shoppers comfortably check out as a guest and put the sign up later button to stimulate the further purchases will be more clever.

Pop-up Login

You should eliminate the loading pages as soon as possible as the loading time could negatively affect your shopper’s mood. What if shoppers are filling checkout requirement fields and they want to log in instead? The Pop-up login will help shoppers not lose their current process. Additionally, if the shoppers do not have an account on your website, you should offer them with the social login button to establish a quick profile on your store.

Magento 2 One Step Checkout

Estimated Shipping Fee

The Shipping fee really bothers shoppers when they can not see it till checkout. Hence, you should configure your page to show the estimated shipping fee to shoppers each time they view the products. This configuration can also help you public your kind of fee that shoppers hate the most as nobody has to wait till the checkout process to see the final cost of an order.

A small e-commerce store can also have plenty commodity and become puzzled to shoppers to wander around and search for their favored items. Furthermore, with the fast information delivery of the internet, no one would waste their time to search for one product. Thus, providing the visitors with your most advanced searching tools is essential to keep your shoppers.

There can be hundreds of search approaches you can integrate to make the search experience faster. You can use instant search which use Ajax technology as Magento 2 Search extension from Mageplaza to show the results immediately without reloading the page or use search engines that will displays all the results on another page.

Magento 2 One Step Checkout


Some online store owners may think that wishlist is unnecessary. However, wishlist can be more benefit than you can think of. Unlike shopping cart, wishlist can save products shoppers like and they can share the list on their social channels or through email. Wishlist can have the feature of letting friends see the wishlist to choose a present for shoppers. Hence, every e-commerce store should add the wishlist option for their shoppers.

Gift Option

What if a shopper wants to buy his/her friend a secret gift? Do he/she need to get the product delivered to their home then they have to wrap it and write the wish by him/herself or what? No, you - the store owner should do it for the shopper. Gift wrap and gift message should be included in the checkout process to let your shoppers give the presents to their friends conveniently.

Single Page Checkout

Just like what Magento 2 community has done, one-page checkout is vital for your business. Checkout is the last step for shoppers to decide to be one of your customers or not. Hence, it should be noticeable and easy to be tracked. If you do not want to purchase for the extension, at least, establish a fake one-page checkout on your store. This page will contain 6 basic checkout steps however, shoppers have to wait for each step to load.

However, using the extension is still recommended because besides the main feature that display all checkout step on a single page, an extension may have more outstanding features such as the auto-filling address, auto-detecting shoppers location or responsive design to assist shoppers view your shop by any device such as tablets, mobiles, or PC as same as Mageplaza Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension.

Magento 2 One Step Checkout


If your live chat support is not enough, you should provide your shopper with the Frequent Asked Question to let your visitors freely looking for their question and answers. The frequent asked questions option is satisfying not only to shoppers but also to providers.